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Mornings, the worst part of anybody’s day I’m sure. Especially when you’re a student and refuse to turn the heating on and you’ve got two duvets on your bed to create a warm cocoon against the antarctic conditions outside of your bed. I’ll attempt my venture after I’ve finished this blogpost.

Last night

A friend of mine, Sam, is currently ‘dating’ two guys Pete and Dylan and sleeping with another, Josh. I, being a hopeless romantic, find this awful! These poor guys have no idea that she’s got another two on the go. Just last night she said to me ‘I choose Pete, he’s the one I like.’ then that same night she was in bed cuddling Dylan. What angered me the most though was the fact the she text me asking me to leave the kitchen so her and Dylan could go to bed, twisted logic really. I don’t know why she couldn’t go to bed whilst I was in the kitchen, she doesn’t sleep in there. Angered at being told to leave I stayed in the kitchen third wheeling them until 3am. Not a shred of guilt.

Now I need to get up and get ready for work, wish me luck out there..!

over and out




If I’m beginning a blog, I think it only well to start on a high note.

I’m in love and it’s beautiful. It’s been over a year and when he’s around the sky still seems bluer and the trees seem greener, I know I know, it’s winter, no tree is green and our house doesn’t even have a Christmas tree </3

Nonetheless I hope that the new year will bring new adventures. We’re set to move in together come July and I couldn’t be more excited.

over and out.